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The ultimate guide to passing your next data science interview

Posted by Agilytic Editorial Team on 28-Dec-2021 08:30:00

Data science is an interdisciplinary field, combining statistics, mathematics, scientific methods, AI, specialized programming, analytics, and storytelling to extract value from data.

A Data Scientist must apply statistical methods, use a wide range of tools and techniques to analyze and prepare data, and explain the meaning behind the results to a variety of stakeholders.

Data can help companies achieve their goals and solve problems. Data science should bridge the gap between data and the boardroom, linking the business and technical worlds. A great data scientist can speak in both languages, to those at varying levels of expertise.

This guide is meant for any data science novice. There are two tracks to explore: a technology track and a business track. You can choose to focus on one area to improve, or you can easily switch between the two. There's sure to be some actionable insights to help you pass any data science case. Building on this foundation, we offer an Agilytic Academy after your onboarding to continue your training as a Data Scientist and hone your expertise.

Ready to expand your skillset with different tools, methodologies, and across various industries? Check out our team’s recommended resources to level up your knowledge!

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