You can tell the performance of an organisation by the quality of its team. 
We see data science as a means to empower your teams, keeping employee engagement at the core of what you do.

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Source faster and smarter

undraw_swipe_profiles1_i6mrFilter through the high number of applicants to automatically identify profiles with the most potential. We work with all types of formats, even scanned documents, and play nice with the recruitment tools you already have.


Staff better

undraw_schedule_pnbkFrom Scheduling...

Eliminate wasteful idle hours in your planning, while minding for your employees’ constraints, travel times and even your vehicle fleet. Agilytic helps you optimise staff planning for a more efficient operation.
Learn how we improved efficiency and boosted employee satisfaction at a health insurer.

undraw_creative_team_r90h... to Competencies.

Using existing competencies framework, we can help you identify the right people for upcoming projects and anticipate skills shortages before they happen.

undraw_connecting_teams3_1pgnAnticipate absenteeism.

Understand the key factors leading to absenteeism in your workforce; build tools that prioritise actions to manage and improve the situation.

Grow a loyal workforce

undraw_data_xmfy-1Onboarding new collaborators is just the start. Keeping them engaged is another challenge. We can help you get a clearer understanding of the factors influencing employee turnover, anticipate voluntary departures and take proactive measures.
See how we helped one of the largest employers in Belgium anticipate voluntary departures.

No software, no subscription

undraw_secure_data_0rwpOur focus is to help you work better, not sell you yet-another-HR-app. The solutions we develop stay with you, and we ensure knowledge is transferred to internal teams before we leave.


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Since 2015, Agilytic helps organisations reach their goals through smarter use of data.
Our pragmatic approach to delivering tangible results in weeks has worked in many industries, why not yours?

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See what leading organisations do to boost their HR analytics.

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